Tokyo Theatre

Tokyo Theatre – The theatre in Tokyo is interesting to say the least. You can see an opera or a musical, dance show or ballet. You will also want to see some of the different shows in the area too. AtThe Kabukiza Theatre has a lot in the way of entertainment and it is a popular place to go. There are very dramatic costumes and the shows have a lot of stunning effects. The actors are all male.

The National Theatre also has Kabuki performances and have at least eight or nine performances per year. Another great entertainment that you will want to see is the Noh. It is the oldest form of theatrical drama in Japan and all the performers are male and they also have performances at the National Noh Theatre. For spectacular and romantic musical revues go to the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater. These performers are all female.

You will also want to visit the Tokyo IMAX Theater for a great entertainment on the screen. With top-notch films this is a wonderful experience. The Tokyo Dome also offers rock concerts and sporting events throughout the year and it has seating for 56,000 people. Check to see what is happening while you are in the city. There is a lot of offerings in the city of Tokyo. You will enjoy all the wonderful shows that the area has to offer. Be sure to call ahead and find out what is playing while you will be visiting. You will want to get your tickets early before the shows sell out as they most always do.

Kabukiza Theatre
Tokyo, Japan
The program changes every month
Reservations:Phone: 03-5565-6000

National Noh Theater 
4-18-1 Sendagaya
Tokyo, 151-0051 Japan
+81 (0)3 3423 1331

National Theater 
1-1-1, Hon-machi
Tokyo, 151-0071 Japan
+81 (0)3 5351 3011

Tokyo Takarazuka Theater.
Takarazuka Revue
Tokyo, Japan
Phone: 03-5251-2001

Tokyo Dome 
1-3 Koraku
Tokyo, 112-0004 Japan
+81 (0)3 5800 9999

Tokyo Opera City 
3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku
Tokyo, 163-1490 Japan
+81 (0)3 5353 0770

Tokyo IMAX Theater 
5-24-5 Sendagaya
Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
+81 (0)3 5361 3030

Katsushika Symphony Hills 
3-331-1 Tateishi
Tokyo, Japan
+81 (0)3 5670 2222