Tokyo Tours

Tokyo Tours – No matter how you like to see the city there is a tour with you in mind. If you prefer to take a bus and let the guide take you around then you can call Hato Bus (tel: (03) 3435 6081 website:, JTB Sunrise Tours (tel: (03) 5796 5454; website: and Japan Gray Line (tel: (03) 3433 5745; website: These are guided tours so that you will have the opportunity to ask questions as you tour the city. This is one of the best ways to learn the most about the area.


There are also boat tours that you can go on. The Tokyo Cruise Ship Company (tel: (03) 3841 9178; website: and the Vingt-et-Un Cruises (tel: (03) 3436 2121) and Symphony Cruises (tel: (03) 3798 8101; also have tours on the water. What a wonderful way to see the city of Tokyo.

If you like to walk about and explore then try the Tokyo Tourist Information Office (tel: (03) 3201 3331) provides a leaflet, ‘Walking Tour Courses in Tokyo’. This way you can see the city on your own two feet so bring comfortable shoes.

There are plenty of other Tours of Tokyo available and we know you will find one that you like. It is important that you feel comfortable no matter which type of tour you decide to take. The whole point is to enjoy seeing all the attractions this exciting city has to offer. We know you will enjoy everything about Tokyo.

Hato Bus
(03) 3435 6081

JTB Sunrise Tours
(03) 5796 5454

Japan Gray Line
(03) 3433 5745

The Tokyo Cruise Ship Company 
(03) 3841 9178

Vingt-et-Un Cruises
(03) 3436 2121)

Symphony Cruises 
(03) 3798 8101